Hey there, Future Salon Powerhouse!
In case nobody’s told you lately, you need actual bookings to run a successful salon business, not just likes. #sorrynotsorry

Yes, it would be fab to have swarms of raving fans devouring your every post — but only if you can turn those posts into profit. 

Yes, you’d love to have a highly engaged audience — but only if those social channels are converting into sales. 

Yes, a massive following makes your salon feel online famous — but that doesn’t do you much good unless those followers are buying from you too. 

There must be a secret to landing new clients with your social media...but what is it? 
You know other businesses are killing it on their social pages, but you just don’t know what to post, when or why. 

Not to mention finding the time to actually put content up on your pages. 

And when you do find a spare minute to post, there’s so little engagement you’re wondering why you bothered. 

Hello? Is this thing even on? 

Gaining new followers online just isn’t enough!

You need real butts in chairs, and real names in your appointment book. 
You’re so over posting on social without seeing a return. It’s time to do things differently. 
You’re ready for serious social strategy, a clear plan of attack, and a no-fail way to implement it all. 

And you’re ready for it now.
Introducing Turn Likes Into Real Bookings, the go-to program for salon owners who want to: 
  • Attract a stream of new clients coming in through your front door 
  •  Build your social following, so you can gain credibility in your industry and become the most sought after salon in your city
  •  Get real bookings in your salon — no more gaps in your calendar!
  •  Capitalize on modern marketing methods that work in the digital age
  •  And double, triple or quadruple your revenue 

  • You're a Hair Salon or Beauty Boutique owner who wants more bookings in your business
  • You're actively using Social Media in your Salon Marketing, but it's not bringing you new clients... yet
  • You're sick of guessing at what to post, and hoping people like it. You’d rather have a smart strategy you know will work than keep throwing proverbial spaghetti at the wall 
  • Your website needs a revamp, but you don't know where to start or how to make it into a client-attracting super magnet
  • You're ready to jump in with both feet and try something new that actually gets results... "Just SHOW ME and I'll Do it, woman!" you’re practically yelling at your screen. 
Hi, I'm Larissa Macleman. After spending 20 years as a stylist and the owner of an award-winning salon, I turned my attention to mentoring other salon owners and industry brands. 

Now I help people like you leverage the power of marketing and brilliant business strategies so you can connect with your ideal client, become the go-to expert and get fully booked out.
I've worked hard over the last few years to unearth these secrets, researching until the wee hours of the morning, taking expensive online marketing and business courses and, of course, hands on testing inside actual salons. 

I kept the things that worked, and threw out the things wasted time. That’s how I know Likes to Real Bookings gets results — because I’ve seen it happen time and time again. 

Don't just take our word for it!
Attract New Clients
The Attraction Formula
~ Become the Go-to Expert with the reputation AND the clients to show for it

~ Attract the Right clients who will be Queuing at your door, telling their friends about you, and coming back for more

~ Find your Perfect Client who really connects with your salon and becomes a loyal fan
Grow your Following
Build a Social Following
~ Build a strong following through Storytelling (these are timeless marketing techniques that work no matter what social media platforms come and go!)

~ Design your own "What to post and When" Social Media strategy to take away the guesswork and bring in the profit
Book New Clients
Get 'em In your Chair
~ Learn the 3 Killer Offers that basically sell themselves

~ Promote your Salon to your Ideal Clients through Facebook (Including what you need to know about Targeting, Ads & Audiences)
~ Make sure your Website attracts New Clients and works 24/7 as your Marketing Assistant, so you don’t have to!

~ 100's of Social Media How-To-Hacks: including where to post, when to post, and what to post to get people’s attention

~ Plus, Guest Experts Deliver lessons on Social #Hacks, Website Traffic & Why your Selfies Suck


"Most courses just give general advice, not for my specific industry. I loved the course lessons, videos and replay sessions. 

The website advice particularly regarding how to make it easy for clients to 'book' with me was invaluable and made me realise how important it is to make it easy for potential clients to book with me.

It's also great to have access to all of the topics we covered in the course after it finished so I can revise whenever I wish."
www.lainiehogan.com.au - Make Up Artist
Lainie Hogan
www.lainiehogan.com.au - Make Up Artist
Get the one course that gives you the step-by-step strategy for boosting your revenue and booking out your salon
After completing this program you'll be able to...
  • Ditch the confusion and get clear on who you're marketing to and how to reach them
  • Speak the language of your ideal client on social media, so they’ll find you, follow you, and book with you
  • Relax, having a weekly social media plan that you and your team can easily follow — no more guesswork, just growth! 
  • Skyrocket your Facebook and Instagram following, giving you more potential clients at the ready
  • Know when to use competitions, killer offers or long-term marketing campaigns to gain new clients and more revenue
  • Turn your website into another member of your marketing team and turn those visitors into paying clients
  • Create ads that convert into bookings on both Instagram and Facebook, so you don’t have to be there manually posting in order to see results
  • Enjoy the creative side of Marketing your business - without the headaches! 
  • and So Much More...
Yes, I want to...
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
No question asked 30-day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back. We'll still be friends...
3 monthly instalments of $197
6 monthly payments of $97

Had to just say... it’s amazing!! 

"Just watching your Videos & Case Studies. Had to just say... it’s amazing!! 

They all have great points I can take something from! 
Being an owner, stylist and florist is busy busy busy. Can't wait to get into more of it!"
www.lainiehogan.com.au - Make Up Artist
Aaron Karam
Team Seven Hairdressing - New Zealand
Learn the Salon Social Media Marketing
Blueprint for long terms results
Once you understand how to use social media to get more clients, your salon will never be the same. 

Close your eyes and imagine a steady stream of client bookings, a bottom line that gets bigger by the week, and a salon packed with filled chairs and happy stylists. 

It’s all waiting for you. 

You can use the TLTB Framework to promote your salon, time and time again. These strategies will work today and tomorrow to close the gaps in your calendar, attract your perfect clients and turn all your months into profitable ones. 

Take away all the guess work and all you’re left with is results

Module One:
The Fundamental Framework:
  • The Turn Likes into Bookings Blue Print
  • What the Big Brands already know about today’s world of social media marketing — and how you can not just catch up but soar past them
  • Understand the framework so you can come back to it again and again whenever you want more clients
  • This will be a game-changer for growing your business, no matter what stage you're in.
Module Two:
The Attraction Formula: #1
  • Become The Go-to Expert in your area so Clients want to come to you and only you
  • Discover who you really want to do business with. Who is your ideal client, and how do you reach them? 
  • Get to know your Ideal Client intimately 
  • Spend less time trying to convince people to come to your salon. Instead, find people who already want what you have to offer
Module Three:
The Attraction Formula: #2
  • The 3 Keys to Attraction That work Without being salesy
  • Learn to speak the language of your client so she is instantly attracted to your salon and calls to make her appointment immediately
  • Learn selling techniques you'll need for success as a salon owner
  • Create your money-making message that ideal clients will flock to like, share and engage with
Module Four:
Build a Following: #1
  • Know what your Clients actually want to see from you and Create the social Media posting plan that everyone can follow
  • Discover when and how often to post on your business pages to see the biggest results in the least amount of time
  • Why your photos suck and what to do about it to nail it every time
  • Learn the art of storytelling (this technique transcends any and all social media platforms)
Module Five:
Build a following: #2
  • Learn the art of Engagement, the secret to Facebook’s algorithm and how to use it FOR your salon
  • Grow your social following -— how those brands with 10K+ followers do it and you can too
  • Instagram #hacks & other how-to's you’ve always wanted to know
  • Engaging Influencers in your community who will gladly spread the gospel of your brand
  • Professional images and other tricks for a more professional-looking social media presence
Module Six:
Get 'em in your chair: #1
  • Drive those bookings into your salon chair - because what’s the point of Social Media Marketing if you don’t make any bookings?
  • Learn the 3 kinds of Campaigns you need to know to promote your business
  • Optimising your website for bookings and make it easy to do business with you.
  • Step by Step elements to getting a booking in your appointment calendar! How to action it through Facebook & Canva
Module Seven:
Get 'em in your chair: #2
  • Facebook Ads 101 for salon owners
  • Targeting your existing clients and selling more to them without a crazy huge ad budget
  • The power of Facebook marketing - How to find & target new clients that will love what you have to offer 
  • Case studies & real examples of successful campaigns (these will save you hours!)
Module Eight:
Putting things into Action: 
  • Warming up your client so she’s ready to buy before you even make an offer
  • Learn how to create an annual marketing plan
  • Learn the 2-month Marketing Strategy for your Salon
Bonus Module:
Coaching Replays
  • Learn from Live coaching Q & A sessions with Salon Owners like you
  • Includes examples and walkthroughs of salon social pages and websites, so you can see exactly what these strategies look like in action
  • 6 hours of discussion & reviewing each module with real salon examples
Bonus Module:
The Client Attracting Website: 
  • Be guided through the 6 keys of the Client Attracting website
  • See live examples and case studies of Salon Websites under review
  • Learn the 3 ways to get your salon website seen online
Valued at $997 (yours for FREE)
Hayley Mears from Six UnderGround Media joins us to share her insight into making your Brand stand out and look cool online! Six Underground Media provides social media strategies across all social platforms for the Hair Industry. Plus, they offer Done for You services too, so you can do what you do best — great hair.
Kristy McKenzie from Secret Salon Society joins us to share her knowledge and strategies on why your photos Suck and what to do about it - Secret Salon Society #selfiestation
Louise Blakely from Hooked On Marketing is an online marketing strategist who helps business owners succeed online.
She will teach you the three things you need to do to get found online in your local area and to bring a continuous stream of new clients through your salon door.
#Bonus 4: Community Learning Group
The program isn’t the only way to get support. Each lesson and directed activity is discussed in the Private Facebook group, your new favorite digital hangout. 

Get feedback on your ideas and new initiatives from other salon owners, and meet up to create fun collaborations and lively discussions. 

Plus, our guest experts are on hand to answer your questions so you can get on and get things done with confidence.

#Bonus 5: 12 Month Membership

Enjoy 12 months of membership to the course so you're always up to date with new modules, guests lessons, and the latest happenings when it comes to Salon Social Media & Digital Marketing.

  • You can sign in and watch the lessons and videos anytime, on any device. 
  • You'll be guided through all the interactive exercises, templates and activity sheets week by week so you never fall behind. 
  • Access the Private group to get support and feedback from your fellow salon owners as well as have your questions answered by Larissa herself
  • Get all the tools, hacks and strategies you need to take your salon business to the next level — no matter where you’re starting from now

I really learnt so much.!

I am 57 years of age and I have embraced all the learning in the course on Social Media and attracting my ideal client , some still daunting... but I know Larissa is there for me, I really learnt so much.
www.lainiehogan.com.au - Make Up Artist
Debbie McCarty 
Headquarterz Hair - Australia
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
No question asked 30-day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back. We'll still be friends...
3 monthly instalments of $197
6 monthly payments of $97
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Send me a message, you can tell me about your Salon and let's chat!

Exactly what I have been looking for!

"WOW!!! I have just watched the training videos & I LOVED EVERY MINUTE of it!

There is sooooo much to know, it's exactly what I have been looking to learn." 
www.lainiehogan.com.au - Make Up Artist
Belinda Nunn 
Hair By Belle - Australia
Q: Where will the course be held?
A: The course is held completely online. Your lesson will be sent to you each week. You'll log into your own secure account to watch the lesson video, download the activity and any other resources associated with that week. 

You can take your learning anywhere that suits you, at any time of the day or night (and on your favourite device) and we're there to support you.
Q: Will there be any support or anyone to talk with?
A: Yes! You will be invited to join the Private Group, where you can meet other salon owners just like you who are taking the course.
 Larissa is active in the group most days so there are plenty of chances to get questions answered AND learn from others in the group too. 

There will also be Master Classes and additional training from time to time as well. You’ll never feel alone. 
Q: What will happen to my lessons and activities at the end of the 6 weeks.
A: They’ll be there waiting for you. You'll have 12 months access to the course, including additional modules and updates over time so the course is always up to date with any industry and technology changes.
Interested in joining me but have a question?
Send me a message, you can tell me about your Salon and let's chat!
Your clients are out there, looking for you. How do you plan to reach them? 
Turn Likes Into Real Bookings is here to give you all the support, tools and knowledge you need to get your salon noticed online, so you can fill your chairs with clients in the real world. 

Join us - because you can't run a salon business without bookings! 
Yes, I want to...
Fast Action Bonus CLOSES SOON

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
No question asked 30-day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back. We'll still be friends...
3 monthly instalments of $197
6 monthly payments of $97

Exactly what I have been looking for!

"We've had huge success and a steady stream of new clients in the door, with our colour campaign using this strategy.

We're running it again, this time in the Spa."
www.lainiehogan.com.au - Make Up Artist
Phillippa Middleton
Buoy Salon & Spa - Wellington
2018 Salon Owners Collective