Master your inner Salon CEO
without Overwhelm or Overworking
How can this help me?
 Salon Mastery is a clear step-by-step pathway to Grow your Team, Grow your Business Without feeling Overwhelmed or Working more hours...  and Live a life of Freedom & Prof!t…

The Program is designed for those who are looking to step into the driver’s 🏎 seat 
- what you do in the next 3 months will define your business over the next 3 years‼️ 

       😫 If you feel like you're done with working long hours, and being busy putting out the fires your team throw at you the moment you walk in the door... 
Salon Mastery will help you find some time for your 'other life' (family, friends or even just going to the gym)

       😇 You're committed to making this year your breakthrough year... 
but not at the expense of your sanity. Salon Mastery is about less hours... Aaaand more income! (Want to have your cake and eat it too?) Master your time to make an impact & move the needle in your business.

       💇‍♀️ You’re ready to take the next step into fully being a Salon CEO and really work ON (and less IN) growing your business, but you’re not exactly sure where to start.
 Salon Mastery will show you the roadmap. 

       👑 If you're sick of (and tried many) quick-fix-tactics that don’t seem to really help in the long run.. and you're ready for a solid step-by-step strategy plan, then Salon Mastery will show you how to work on the right things that will actually get you results!

🎊If this sounds like you, then this program is absolutely essential 🎊 

Does this sound like you?
  • ​You’re a forward thinking Salon 💇‍♀️ Owner 👑 and are more than ready to step up into becoming a real CEO of your business (rather than just clawing back from these challenging time into just 'average')
  • You want to Grow your 😇 Team, Scale your Business (Without Working more hours) Work smarter (not harder) - no more ridiculously long weeks.  No more #burnout
  • ​Have a team of 4-7+ 😇and are already smashing $7-$8K a week... or more... and you have waaay more in you (you just need to know where to start)
  • ​You're ready to step into being a Salon C.E.O. Get out of the passengers seat of your business and hop into the driver's 🏎seat!
  • ​You're willing to be open & coachable, to put the right strategic 🗂📑 systems in your business and take massive action now!
  • You're ready for a Strategic Pathway... no more #WingingIt - you're ready to #Nailit
You're ready to move from #WingingIt
to #NailedIt and live a life with a little freedom!
After years of feeling the overwhelm and stess of running a salon  (and a few burns-outs of my own) whilst also trying to be a good stylist, I fought my way to Salon Success through grit, trial and error, learning and testing every which way.  

I saw my fellow Salon Owners working themselves to the bone, and I knew I had to do it differently. So, I developed the business structure, framework, resources and tools that scaled my business to a
Multi Million $ salon with a team of 30! 

Then I started teaching these proven strategies to burned-out but driven Salon Owners like you.
So why should you listen to me...?

I'm Larissa Macleman. After 20 years as an award-winning salon owner, I sold my salon and worked in digital & social media marketing & salon technology development to grow & scale salons.   

Now as a Freedom & Prof!t Coach & Marketing Strategist, my team and I help Salon Owners move from Long hours & Overwhelm to Freedom in their lives & the income they deserve.
All I can say is that there is not another resource out there like this, and that I wish I had this when I was managing my would’ve saved me so much time and so many headaches!

And it would’ve made my path to more Freedom & Prof!t much smoother and shorter. 
I have worked hard over the last several years to refine these strategies, testing and measuring them in my own salon... and now seeing them implemented in salons all around the southern hemisphere. 

You're often only one strategic move away from having the business of your dreams and nailing those strategies you need to attract new clients, grow and retain your rockstar team and create more freedom and prof!t. Plus don't underestimate the benefit a community of your peers can bring to help guide and support you every step of the way. 

Here is what your business CAN look like...
Once you implement the Program Strategies... 
the tools, techniques and lessons that are ready
for you in this Program...👇👇👇

Salon Mastery is a clear step-by-step pathway to Grow your Team,
Grow your Business Without feeling Overwhelmed or Working more hours...

The promise of Salon Mastery is simple:

The promise of Salon Mastery is simple: to facilitate a
BREAKTHROUGH of your current roadblocks

To skyrocket you past your growth-plateau and into a whole new level of momentum. 
And although these breakthroughs can happen in an instant, lasting change takes time.     
We'll help you get out of your own way, leverage your time, work smarter not harder
 and work on the right things, that actually move the needle!

Create a plan and structure 
    A business that works for you not because of you

Master your Salon Strategy through the 5 Strategy Steps of Salon Mastery

For Salon Owners who want to BUILD a profitable, thriving &
successful salon without Overwhelm  or Overworking!

"The results from this alone just make it so worthwhile!

The results from this alone just make it so worthwhile being part of this group... Although I had all these things in my head, I wasn’t measuring anything on a regular basis… I was just looking at the results at end of the week. The [results] alone are enough for me."

Loui Bruster - Dalliance Hair Studio & Urban Spa

"The proof is in the results, we surpassed our sales target in the first week."

"I'm really working smarter and not harder in my business. I was ready to give up, but looking at it now, you have paved the way, making it clearer and easier for me to grow my business. I've take 2 days a week away from doing to grow my business & the proof is in the results, we surpassed our sales target in the first week. I am so grateful to be working with you."

Mia Browne, Adeva Hair Spa

"I have reconnected with my life! You've reminded me why I went into business and how important it is to make time for me. Thank You!"

"Thank you, Larissa! I've learnt so much from you. I was so busy relocating and building a new salon, that I forgot to take care of myself along the way. It was the best thing for me, my family and my business doing your program!"

Shazly - Shazly Experience Hair & Beauty
Chat with a Salon Mastery Expert
Chat with a Mastery Coach and 

See if Salon Mastery is a fit for you
*Program Participants limited to 30!
Let's get started smashing goals!
Salon Mastery isn't an event...
it's a 12-month experience!
Members of Salon Mastery get access to...

 ✅Twice Weekly Coaching Sessions 

 ✅Weekly Review & Feedback Opportunities for strategies you're working through 

 ✅Monthly Strategic Business Planning 

 ✅Salon Mastery Private Members Facebook Group 

 ✅Access to the Salon Mastery Program (AKA The HUB

        👑 The 5 Step Stratigic framework to Master your Inner Salon C.E.O and Salon Mastery

         👑The members only HUB includes:  
                 🔐Strategy Masterclasses & step-by step guides
                 🔐Tools, template resources & check lists,
                      Done-For-You ready to implement into your Salon

All strategically designed to support you for a BREAKTHROUGH YEAR in 2020!

Here's what you'll get access to...
The Salon Mastery HUB is a members only access to the five strategy steps to Salon Mastery and creating a life of freedom & prof!t. 
With in the 5 strategy steps are 100s of Masterclasses, trainings, templates done-for-you and tools you can utilise and implement in your salon atraight away.
The HUB holds the key...
Become a Salon C.E.O
To grow and scale a team and master your business, you first need to be the best version of yourself.

 Master your Salon Inner C.E.O!  Your business will not scale the way you want it to until you stop working IN it and start working ON it.

It's time to put creating a true strategic plan for your business as top priority.

Building a dream life means short-term sacrifice for long-term gain.
Powerful Profits
It's time to move from just 'surviving', to actually financially THRIVING

In this strategy step you'll prepare for profit and understand salon financial fundamentals and build your financial framework to grow and scale your business... 

Together, let's define what your business needs to look like to be successful! 
We'll uncover a little known formula to unlock freedom AND enjoy prof!t. Learn exactly what you need to do to reach your dreams.
Attract & Build
a Rockstar team
You can’t effectively manage a team unless you're a Best Boss and show up for your team, so they can ‘show up’ for your salon clients.
We cover team employment strategies to employee your dream team
Build a culture of people who you love, admire and equally love and respect you back. Those people are YOUR ROCKSTARS...
Now give them a career pathway to realise their full potential, year on year so they stay... with you!
Smashing Sales &
Leading to Win
Smashing sales is a #Mindset for the CEO and a Culture to be adopted in the salon team.
Leading your team to Win and Smash sales can be simple with these easy to implement step-by-Step strategies
EG: Double your sales in 10 minutes a day! 
Selling and consulting with confidence means your team hit targets and delivering the ultimate client experience and thus great client retention results.
Turn 'likes' into Bookings
Discover how to transition your followers from ‘following' you into real bookings with 5 strategy steps to nailing modern marketing. 

Marketing tip, tricks and tactics are great but without a long term strategy in place, you’ll always fall short of meeting your new client attracting objectives.

This strategy strategy step also includes Client Attracting Websites and Messenger Marketing strategies.
Quick Wins
Need some inspiration or quick results? 
To grow a thriving salon you'll need to focus on long term strategies for long term success... but somtimes you just need a quick #win right now!

Don't worry, we got you back! 

Grab some quick inspiration and a step by step guide to getting results fast to smash sales in your salon or attract new bookings to fill empty columns.
PLUS,  you also get access to: 
Twice Weekly live Coaching
& Learning Sessions

Twice a week we run live coaching or learning session on ZOOM to support your journey to Salon Mastery.
Your oportunity to get direct support in implementing the strategies or simply dealing with the 'sh!te the comes up' in daily business life.
Peer-to-Peer support
& Community

Life is better when it's with friends... to bounce ideas off and offer motivation & help you see whats truly posiable for you, y our business and life. 

Being around those who understand you, what it's like and the unique journey it is to own a salon business. 
Strategy Steps

Each of the 5 strategy steps has hands on, step-by-step masterclasses and resources and templates that are waiting for you to easily implement into your salon.

#tooeasy to implement the strategic strategies currently missing in your salon.. without working more hours
Let me walk you through... 
and show you behind the curtain
It's everything you need (and none of the fluff you don’t) to leverage your time, grow your salon  an d make this year your breakthrough year
I know what you're thinking...
"It won't work for me, because..."
I've tried different tactics before, and they didn't work for me,🤷‍♀️...

💇‍♀️ I tried to get 'off the floor', but my clients won't go to my team
👑 I tried to change things with my team, but they would resist me when trying to do new things
📍I tried some of these types of things before, but I don't have the time to commit to implementing new stuff
😇 I've tried to grow a team, but there are no good people around
🤑Ive tried to increase sales with my team, but they just won't listen

Let me ask you this…
😳Do you have time to waste another year of average in your salon? 

😕Can you afford to keep living in overwhelm and stress.. you'll reach burnout before you reach success!

🤔How much of your time, life and potential income are you willing to sacrifice to keep #wingingit like you have been?
You have one life - live it on purpose!
Chat with a Salon Mastery Expert
Chat with a Mastery Coach and 
See if Salon Mastery is a fit for you 
*Limited Program Participants 
Let's get started smashing goals!
  • ​I know what it’s like when you want to grow and get support ‘so bad' but finding large sums of cash is out of the question!  The Salon Mastery Program is designed to deliver $1000s of dollars of life long lasting strategies. It will pay you back again and again.. and again for years to come. I want to make sure it’s the best investment you ever make in your business.
  • ​I want to make it an super easy, no-brainer decision, but...
  • ​If you’re not committed to truly growing your salon business and experiencing a different life for yourself, your team and your clients, then $297 a week is a perfect way to separate action takers from the action fakers! 
What our members are saying...

"Do you want a business or a job?"

Join, you need to kick start your business in the right direction. Don't try to rebuild the wheel. Learn from the best and push yourself outside your comfort zone and business expectations. 

Do you want a business or a job? Learn how to run a successful business fast.

Sophie Anquetil, Spoil Yourself Spa

"I sent my team the sales growth challenge" 

"As a result, every member on my team increased their sales yesterday by 21%, 23% and 30%!"

Leigh Jackson, ElleJ Hair
Why should I say 'Yes' to Salon Mastery?
  • You’re here to say YES To Your Success; In Your Business, Your Momentum, Your Confidence, Success And Life!
  • You’re here to say YES to your  'other life' (Relationships, family or a little time for your self, gym, hobbies?) 
  • You’re here to say YES to making this the year your bsuiness transforms into a thriving profitable business... finally! It's time!
  • You’re here to say YES to finally getting the support of your very own, not longer being alone in business! 
  • You’re here to say YES to POWER HOUSE Support from other like-minded, tight-knit, action taking Salon Business Owners!! Others that have been there & smashed it!
Chat with a Salon Mastery Expert
Chat with a Mastery Coach and 

See if Salon Mastery is a fit for you
*Limited Program Participants 
Let's get started smashing goals!
* PLUS++
Take a sneak peek at these extra #Bonus additions 
When you join Salon Mastery 

For you to get the massive results I know you can get,
you need to have access to plenty of support.  

👑 Review & Feedback Opportunities

When you're implementing new strategies or tactics it's vital to have feedback and review. Something that most owners don't have access to in their own business. 
We've created space for you to submit the things you're working on for expert review and feedback so you can move forward, increase momentum with the confidence of a Salon C.E.O.

👑 'Quick Wins’ Masterclasses
Big picture strategies and changes sometimes take time to get your head around or implement into your 'normal' way of doing business... and while that's taking place, we want to make sure you keep your sales momentum moving in an upward direction. Our Quick Win strategies are designed for you to smash out and drive sales.. maybe even earn enough to pay for this program alone! #winning
Tonnes of Support is avaliable
from Larissa and the Salon Mastery Team
👑 Build your ‘Business in a BOX’

Systems and structures will set you free... Don't wait til you have time to set up your systems and structures you know you need!

During this program, we'll support you to build your Business-in-a-box. ONE place where all your business strategies, systems and processes live. Like a business manual, a bible, your business all in one place. Finally, your business complete and under your control. #freedom awaits you

👑 Extraordinary Owners Community 

"What I didn’t expect was the motivation that I got from connecting with other salon owners as well as with you." 
- Megan Panozzo - In Awe salon - Adelaide 

"Since joining this group the loneliness of owning a salon and feeling solo in salon owner land has lifted away 🥰"  - Loui Brewster - Dalliance Hair Studio & Urban Spa
Don't go it alone
Join the Salon Mastery
Collective Community
Chat with a Salon Mastery Expert
Chat with a Mastery Coach and 
See if Salon Mastery is a fit for you 
*Limited Program Participants 
Let's get started smashing goals!
Your Questions Answered
What if I need to cancel?
This program is a 12-Month commitment because lasting results take time. If you do the work and feel it's not for you after the first month, there will be no cancelation penalties. 

Because of the nature of the program and unlimited access to digital content, there are no refunds. 

After the first month, there will be full consideration only due to un-foreseen business or personal circumstances.
Cancelation will be accepted on finding a replacement owner for the placement.
Do you offer 1:1 support?
Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to have direct support from Larissa and the Coaches. Members are able to receive feedback and get their questions answered during twice-weekly Q & A, Coaching or Masterclasses. 

There is a weekly space for feedback and review for things you're working on and any time in the private Facebook group. Private 1:1 support isn’t offered in this program! 
How is this different from
other programs?
The Salon Mastery Program is a powerhouse of resources, tools and proven strategies with everything you need to gain expertise, mastery and most importantly freedom, prof!t and success in your salon business. 

Please note, this is not just another course, this program will walk you through each of the strategies you need to complete your business, step by step. 

Build your business-in-a-box and have all the pieces in place to grow a team, scale your business and live a life of freedom & prof!t. 
What's included in the program?
This program is based on the 5-steps to Salon Mastery & live a life of freedom & prof!t strategy framework.

The Strategy steps and Massterclasses come with Action Guides or tools done-for-you, so you can implement in your salon straight away. 

Twice weekly live coaching & learning lessons, daily support and accountability in our private facebook group... you will be fully supported.

We also have an active and engaged community, and actually get things done and help you make progress with each strategy step.  
Can I freeze my subscription?
We'll hold your place for one 30-day “pause” during your 12-month program for special un-forseen business or personal circumstances. 

We know sh!te happens sometimes!  

If you need this please contact Nicola at: and she will give you next steps.
Where will the coaching be held?
Strategy Coaching, Sales coaching, Momentum Masterclasses are held live on zoom.  All sessions are recorded and made available for you in the HUB private members area, if you have a question but can't make it live.

Program Strategy Steps are in the Private Members HUB which you have access to so you can take your learning & action step anywhere that suits you, at any time of the day or night (and on your favourite device).
Should I come to the sessions even if I don't have a question?
YES! There is so much to learn from those who are doing the same things as you.
Learning is in the doing... even if you don't need support, come because you'll massivly exand your thinking and learning oportunities...

Session times and dates are published every 1/4 and are available in the HUB, FB group and emailed to you. We suggest you schedule them into your calendar as soon as possible. 
I only have 3 people on my team...
can I join?
Moving from 4 to 7 people in your business is the trickiest growth step for any Salon Owner. Most get stuck at 3 or 4 and fail to grow.

The Salon Mastery Program aims to help you step into momentum during this phase.
The Salon Mastery Program can work for you if you've got a team of 3, but only if you're a team of 3 who's ready to grow straight away (like... now!)

My goal is for you to be able to grow fast and mostly you have to step away from the chair to do this. This becomes affordable when your team is somewhere between 4-7 (or more) people.
If you have 3 in your team & you're busting at the seams to grow.. then jump on board... this is the right place for you.

If it's just you, or you have 1 or 2 people in your team and you're just getting going.. then hold tight. We have something just for you  - check out The Momentum Program
You Charge in AUD 
Is there G.S.T Included?
Although Salon Owners Collective is based in New Zealand, we charge in Australian Dollars. So only those whose business trades in New Zealand have G.S.T included in these payments. 

If you live in any other country, these payments are exclusive of G.S.T, including Australia. If you have any concerns, we advise you seek advice from your local country or state.
Can I pay annually?
Yes! You can pay weekly, Monthly or if you have a preference to pay annually, you'll pay for only 10 months, saving $2594.
If you want this please contact Nicola at: and she will give you next steps. 
What our members are saying

"Just after my first holiday away from my Salon in 18 months and we had our highest sales EVER."

"I just had my first holiday away from my Salon in 18 months! I'm so excited. I was away on holiday with my family, the first time in 18 months. I was working through your material and realised I was LIVING MY DREAM-IDEAL DAY. I was on the beach with my family enjoying life while my business was working without me! So excited for the future - thank you."

Melinda Smith, Ginger & Spice - Brisbane

"Tuesday will be ☺ my last week EVER of this many hours on the floor. I'm ready to fast track growth in my salons"

Hayley Williams, H & Co - Auckland

"Larissa has a big understanding of Salons from owning a successful Salon to having fantastic tech experience. 

She’s also a marketing guru, so you can move your Salon/business forward and start achieving your goals."

Kelly Grant 
You don’t have to do build your salon alone. Salon Mastery program is here to give you have the support, tools and knowledge you need, when you need it. 

It’s your place to find business direction, tools, advice, stories and lessons from industry experts that will help you grow to new heights no matter where you’re at in your salon ownership journey. 

We’re waiting for you!

Still have questions about Salon Mastery?
Ask away!
Chat with a Salon Mastery Expert
Chat with a Mastery Coach and 
See if Salon Mastery is a fit for you 
*Limited Program Participants
Let's get started smashing goals!