You're sick of dealing with messages coming at you late at night for appointments and prices. 
While you love getting clients into the salon,
It's interrupting your life!

We’re spending more time on our phones between the other activities in our lives, we’re not on messenger only in salon hours but in the evening & on the weekends and business is spilling into your personal lives...

You're asking yourself if you can grow a successful business without being trapped in your phone all hours of the day.

You want the clients, I get it, but you don’t want to work 24/7 either.

In an Instant World, you need to embrace messenger, to be at the top of the game. And a Facebook Auto response is just not enough anymore...
But what if you could Elevate your Brand Experience, not only to reply instantly but to give them a REALLY GREAT Experience.

Imagine your Brand stood out from others and doing business with your salon was not only easy but the most obvious choice for potential clients?

With incoming messages taken care of, what about ATTRACTING NEW CLIENTS? SalonBot has some very clever features to help you stay ahead of the game.

Social Media can truly connect with potential clients and Salon Bot can improve your social interaction & reach... but the power is in staying in touch with those potential clients... Never before have we been able to reach out to potential clients like this...

Not only can Clients have their needs met... instantly... 

You can help improve the numbers of new clients actually making a booking, growing your business without having to pick up your phone all hours of the night...

Salon Bot is a Messenger chat experience... espically for Hair and Beauty Salon Businesses
Harness the power of messenger in your business... 
Without increasing your workload...  
Wanna see Salon Bot in action?
Attract new clients to your Salon... 
Without having to pick up your phone...
** EVENT** February 19th, 2018 **

We'll cover how we can harness Messenger to Grow our Business by elevating your Brand Experience, Attending to requests Instantly, Connecting with people in a more Personal way... and Marketing Strategies that actually allow us to Attract New Clients into our Business... 
Without having to pick up your phone...

What's included in Salon Bot?
  •  Connect your software: Set up and connect your Bot with your Social account
  •  Create your Brand First Impressions:  Elevate your brand with Instant, Personal & Engaging ways to manage all coming client messages.
  •  Marketing Strategies: Your first strategy implemented to super-charge your Marketing strategies.
  • Modern Marketing: Use the power of Modern messenger to attract new clients #newclients
  • Tech Step by Step: Learn how to use SalonBot
  •  Tweaks: If we've built your Bot, we'll help you tweak it to be most effective - you won't be left high and dry
  •  Tech Support: Stuck? - Just Hola.. real humans to help.
  •  Modern Marketing: Full Access to Modern Marketing Strtegies course
  •  Beyond the BOT:  Social Media and Website Marketing strategies to Turn Likes into Bookings

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