Running your own salon was your dream, but it’s a big job! 

You wish you had more time off, an appointment book full of clients who love your salon, a talented team you can count on, and more money coming in … and you want it all without having to pull your own hair out in the process! 

It is possible to go from booked behind the chair, serving the most clients 
and hitting the biggest sales... 
all the wayto having the free time to grow your team, expanding the business, and skyrocketing your income... without working crazy hours to make it happen.
So why does it feel more like a daydream than your
actual reality right now?  

Lean in, because you need to hear this: 
You can have it all, and sooner than you think!
You've worked yourself into overwhelm and full on stress mode. You’re fantasizing about yoga classes and disappearing to a tropical island just so you can relax for a second. 

You just can’t live like this any more - you're exhausted, cranky and fed the heck up! You’re doing all the work and not seeing enough of the reward. 

  •  You've tried passing on your clients to your team before, which worked OK...until they quit and you found yourself back on the floor again! 
  •  You love your clients!! You want them to have the best service done by the best people, so they keep coming back to your salon forever and ever.
  •  You're working late into the night just to get the things done. You don't trust delegating those tasks to people, but there are so many things on your want-to-do list that you don’t have the time for now. 
  •  You're busy being busy, spinning all the plates but the business is not growing like it should be
  •   You see other Salon Owners having fun and time with their family, friends and making time for the gym or yoga, and it gives you FOMO. What do they know that you don’t??
It’s time to make a change.
You don’t need to live like this anymore!
You're driven and know you're made for greater things. 
This is your moment to rock it.

If this is you... READ EVERY WORD BELOW!
You can have it all - if you really want it and you’re ready to get the guidance that will show you how!

After years of feeling this frustration myself, I fought my way to Salon Success through trial and error, learning and testing. I saw my fellow salon owners working themselves to the bone, and I knew I had to do it differently. 

So I developed the business structure, framework, resources and tools that scaled my business to new heights. Then I started teaching these proven strategies to burned out salon owners like you.

So why should you listen to me...?

I'm Larissa Macleman. After 20 years as an award-winning salon owner, I sold my salon and worked in digital & social Media Marketing & salon technology development.  

Now as a Business & Marketing Strategist & Mentor I help salons with Salon Success Strategies.

Through my Collective Hub, I help you become the Go-to Expert, Connect with your Ideal Client, and Grow a Team that will lead you to a fully booked salon

I've worked hard over the last few years to refine these strategies, testing and measuring them in my own salon as well as with my clients. The results were unlike anything I’d seen before. 

 There is not another resource out there like this, I wished I had this when I was starting my salon...It would’ve saved me so much time and so many headaches!

I feel confident all you need to know to attract new clients, grow and retain your rockstar team and create more freedom and profit is within this Collective Hub.

- I've tried different strategies before, and they didn't work for me
- My staff wouldn't be up for doing new things
- I don't have the time to commit to implementing this stuff
- I don't have the cash flow to invest right now
- I’m so busy, I just don't think I'd be able to keep up and do more work

But let me ask you this, do you have time to waste another year struggling with your salon? Can you afford to keep yourself and your business going at its current rate? 

Think about the below for a second.....

I get it.
But let me ask you this: do you have time to waste another year struggling with your salon? Can you afford to keep yourself and your business going at its current rate? How much of your time, life and potential income are you willing to sacrifice to keep struggling through it like you have been?

Think about the below for a second.....

What will your life and business look like once you implement these tools, techniques and lessons that are ready for you in The Freedom & Profit Hub?

  •  You'll have more time on your hands to go to that yoga or cooking class you've been saying you were going to join for months

  •  You'll have the tools and the templates ready-at-hand so that you don't have to re-invent the wheel in order to make improvements in your business systems

  •  Your Team will be more focused & making themselves (and you!) more money than ever before - everyone wins!

  •  Your Team and Business, will be more efficient and more productive - you'll be able to serve more Clients and you'll learn the skills to gain those new Clients more easily

  •   You'll be able to go on a holiday for a week, or even 3 weeks! (I have clients who have now reached this goal in their business and they were able to completely switch off and were hardly interrupted by their business... at all!)
For Salon Owners who want to BUILD a thriving, successful salon business 
with more Freedom and Bigger Profits

Fast Track Your Business Success so you can 
fully book out your salon, grow and retain a team of rockstars, and earn more money — all while leaving Plenty in the Tank for You and Your Loved Ones. 

  •  Full access to the Freedom & Profit Resources & Training Hub
  •  Regular New Trainings Added
  •  Templates, Tools & Checklists to use in your salon straight away
  •  Monthly Live Masterclass inc Q & A
  •  Private community of Salon Owners just like you for support,
  •  Questions answered & collaboration 
  • Access anywhere, anytime on any device
  •  No Contracts - cancel your membership at any time
Get Out From Behind the Chair
Free yourself from the trap of selling time for money, get out from behind the chair and run your business so it can grow and flourish
Mindset for Success
Ditch the overwhelm and get sh*t done! This module includes tools & planners to grow your salon easily, quickly and clearly!

Get the Finances Sorted
Break down your Money Blocks and building a Financially Free Future with this Money Mastery Masterclass
New Client Attraction Strategies
Revamp your Website 
and Social Media Strategies, learn Facebook Marketing and discover new ways to get seen online!
Client Care Programs
Transform your client experience so clients return time and again (includes everything you need to know about handling and learning from customer complaints).
Grow a Rockstar team
Get the lowdown on recruiting a great team, managing your people, and growing, training and motivating your new rockstars!

All with a few clicks of your mouse.

PLUS, Each month that you remain a member, you also get access to:

Community Access & Support
Ask me Anything Acesss in our 
private Facebook group. Community Support & Coloboration with others just like you.
Awesome Guests
The best of the best handpicked just for you. Get access to Awesome Guest Masterclasses to deepen your knowledge and inspire you to think in new, creative ways.
Monthly Masterclasses
There are 27+ hands on, step-by-step Masterclasses and resources that are waiting for you - PLUS new ones are added monthly.
The Salon Owners Collective is everything you need (and nothing you don’t) to leverage your time and grow your salon business at your own pace. 


ALL FOR less than $3.50-a-day. That’s less than the cost of your daily Latte!

Salon Social Media Month

January in the Collective HUB is Salon Social Media Month. Our Guest Expert talks about how to Make Money from Facebook, Live Q&A and Social Media Masterclass!
** Click ^^ to See Event Calendar**
Avaliable January 2018
Consultations that sell & Upgrade like a BOSS!
February is all about Consultations that sell, Success tools to improve performance from your team. Our Live Guest talks about "Upgrading like a Boss", Live Q & A and Consultation Masterclass!!
** Click ^^ to See Event Calendar**
Avaliable February 2018
Your Salon Brand Story is more than Logo's & Colours
Your Salon Branding is more than Logo's and Colours. It's an opportunity to tell your Brand Story. Get clarity on your Brand story with our Guest Expert, Live Q & A and Masterclass.
** Click ^^ to See Event Calendar**
Avaliable  March 2018
Sort out your team
 Managing Personalities
Your team can make or break your business espically if you want to gain Freedom & Profit. 
This session focuses on team communication so you can grow without the DRAMA
Avaliable NOW
Double your Sales with Effective 1:1's
You know you should be meeting your team and caoching them to success... but what do you actually DO in a 1:1 meeting with your team. Simple & effective ways to double your sales.
Avaliable NOW
Review 2017 & 
Plan an Epic 2018
What worked, What didnt should be part of your year end Ritual. Then Planning What you'll Achieve in 2018 become all the more clear.
Epic Planning Masterclass - Comming in December 2017
Avaliable NOW
Join now & Get Instant Access to The 
Salon Owners Collective & HUB
'Action Takers' #Bonus CLOSES SOON
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you'll save $50 off your first month's membership fee
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If I had to break it down, I would charge AT LEAST $97 EACH for each class. 

If you’re doing the math here, we’re already up to $2037 in value JUST for the classes alone!

Join now & Get Instant Access to The 
Salon Owners Collective & HUB

If I had to break it down, I would charge AT LEAST $97 EACH for each class. 

If you’re doing the math here, we’re already up to $2037 in value JUST for the classes alone!

  • I don’t want money to be an excuse you give yourself to NOT invest in yourself, your salon, your team or your future. So I made this super-affordable for you.
  •   I know what it’s like when you want to grow ‘so bad’ but right now, it’s just too costly! Freedom & Profit is designed to deliver $1000s of dollars of value every. single. month. I want to make sure it’s the best investment you ever make in your business.
  •  If you’re not committed to truly growing your salon business and experiencing a different life for yourself and your clients, then $97 a month is a perfect way to separate action takers from the action fakers!
"Yesterday, I sent my team the sales growth challenge. As a result, every member on my team increased their sales yesterday by 21%, 23% and 30%!"
I LOVE seeing the things I've learnt from you fall into place!!

This morning I sent a little encouraging SMS and another little goal for today and they literally blew it out of the water with 58% increase in sales and a 86% rebooking rate!!

My staff feel like superstar hairdressers THANK YOU
Leigh Jackson, ElleJ Hair
"I have reconnected with my life! You've reminded me why I went into business and how important it is to make time for me. Thank You!"
"Thank you, Larissa! I've learnt so much from you. I was so busy relocating and building a new salon, that I forgot to take care of myself along the way. It was the best thing for me, my family and my business doing your program!"
Shazly - Shazly Experience Hair & Beauty
"The proof is in the results, we surpassed our sales target in the first week."
"I'm really working smarter and not harder in my business. I was ready to give up, but looking at it now, you have paved the way, making it clearer and easier for me to grow my business. I've take 2 days a week away from doing to grow my business & the proof is in the results, we surpassed our sales target in the first week. I am so grateful to be working with you."
Mia Browne, Adeva Hair Spa
"Just after my first holiday away from my Salon in 18 months and we had our highest sales EVER."
"I just had my first holiday away from my Salon in 18 months! I'm so excited. I was away on holiday with my family, the first time in 18 months. I was working through your material and realised I was LIVING MY DREAM-IDEAL DAY. I was on the beach with my family enjoying life while my business was working without me! So excited for the future - thank you."
Melinda Smith, Ginger & Spice - Brisbane

"Tuesday will be ☺ my last week EVER of this many hours on the floor. I'm ready to fast track growth in my salons"
Hayley Williams, H & Co - Auckland
  • You're a Hair or Beauty Salon Owner
  • You're stuck behind the chair and are dying to grow your business... but don't know how to transition without loosing clients.
  • All your time is spent focusing on your team, customer care & all the admin tasks!
  • You're spinning all the plates but the business is not growing like it should be.
  • You're sick of not knowing what your next steps should be.  
  • You're ready to take action and try something new but need some support "Just SHOW ME and I'll Do it!" #bringiton
  • You’re ready to try some new, proven strategies to attract more clients, increase profits and expand your salon business

Take a sneak peek at these special #Bonus Programs - all yours when you join the Salon Owners Collective Hub! 

Normally these programs are only available for those who are Personal coaching clients or who belong to the Mastermind Coaching program... 

 But.. I realised for you to get the massive results I know you can get, you need to have access to these programs too. 

That’s why each month for the first 3 months you're a member you'll be given one of these additional #BONUS Programs!


Did you set up your own business with dreams of more freedom & time, and now find yourself wondering when you’ll next get to take a day off? You’re not alone!

The reality is that every business success is grounded on business know-how. And without that business know-how:
* You’re time poor 
* You work late and long hours 
* Your team gives you headaches
* You wear all the hats in your business
* You make the most money whilst others sit out the back

The madness has to stop - now! So, what can you do about it?

In the Profit & Freedom Formula program, I'll reveal the 5 steps to Freedom and Profit that I used in my own business... Fast tracking growth in your business can feel stressful with all the things you need to do. But it doesn't have to be when you have a formula and approach it step by step.
I'll show you how to get off the floor and free yourself up to grow your business without having to stay up late or work more hours... enjoy less stress, more time with your family and more income to enjoy the finer things in your life.

Usually $579 - yours free once you complete your first month with the Salon Owners Collective Hub

Your website should not be a pretty online design poster for your Salon, even if it is actually pretty... 

Your website should be an online buying tool for your Client!

Be guided through the 6 keys to getting your own Client Attracting Website. See live examples and case studies of Salon Websites under review. Learn the 3 ways to get your salon website seen online Including the Checklist so you can make changes to your own site.

You'll learn:

* The 3 second rule and how to beat it every time
* Who's the 'Hero' of your website & start attracting real clients you love
* How to create a focused goal & get those clients to take that action
* The simple steps to make it easy for your customers to do business with you
* The key elements of your Team Page - the 2nd most visited page on your website
* Pricing - how you should lay it all out

Usually $279 - yours free once you complete your second month with the Salon Owners Collective Hub

Finding a new Therapist or Stylist doesn't have to feel like searching for Hens Teeth. Never have to wonder where your next staff member is coming from again!

In the Rockstar Team program I reveal 3 simple steps to attract the right team to fast track growth in your salon!

If you want to BUILD a profitable salon you need the right team.

In this program you'll find out the number one reason you're not growing your team as fast as you like - then I'll show you how to fix that!

Usually $297 - yours free once you complete your third month with the Salon Owners Collective Hub
Interested in joining me but have a question?
Send me a message!
  • You'll be guided through fun & interactive exercises, templates & activity sheets week by week.
  • Sign in and watch the Lessons and Videos anytime, on any device.
  • The Private group allows for feedback and all your questions to be answered by your host Larissa and other salon owners just like you.

This will to be a game-changer for growing your business, no matter what stage you're in.

Join now & Save $50 straight away
'Action Takers' #Bonus CLOSES SOON
Sign-up for the Academy in the next 72 hours & 
you'll save $50 off your first month's membership fee
Then $97 per month.
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If any of this speaks to you on any level at all, or if you resonated with any of the words on this page, then click the button above and join us now. 

Fortune favors the bold and money loves speed. I love to reward quick decision makers and people who know what they want. 
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Salon Owners Collective Hub
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If any of this speaks to you on any level at all, or if you resonated with any of the words on this page, then click the button above and join us now. 
Interested in joining me but have a question?
Send me a message!
Do you offer refunds?
Because of the nature of the program and access to digital content, there are no refunds, but you can cancel anytime.

Do you offer 1:1 support?
Although there is no direct 1:1 support in this particular program, each month after the Masterclass there is a live Q&A session. 
Plus, Larissa is extremely active in the group answering any questions you have in the Office Hour thread or live Q&As.
How is this different from other programs?
Freedom & Profit Academy is a powerhouse of resources, tools and lessons. Everything you need to gain more freedom, profit and success in your salon business. 

Modules and videos come with tools you can implement in your salon straight away. We also invite the best of the best experts to teach you step by step how to show up, build brand authority, attract the right people into your life and create more profit. We also have an active and engaged community, and actually get things done with our monthly action challenges. 

How do you choose what topic to include in monthly Masterclass?
Great question! We are very mindful to include what’s hot and what’s happening now in the hair and beauty industry. 

Not only has Larissa been a salon owner and knows what owners will need to run a successful Salon but she also runs a Mastermind Coaching program where she has regular and direct access to what's going on for salon owners right now in today's environment, so that we're giving you what you want and need.
How do you choose your guest experts?
Guest experts are carefully curated and selected by who we think are the industry or topic leaders and who have proven their own success in business in their area of expertise. We select them as they have great actionable knowledge to share.

Can I pay annually?
Freedom & Profit has an annual option, which saves you 3 months subscription (save $291). 
Message us here if you have any questions. 
How do I cancel?
Email our team at and we’ll take care of it right away. 
*Please allow 72 hours before your payment date to make sure your card does not get charged. My team is amazing, but they do not work 24/7 or on holidays.

Can I freeze my subscription?
We do allow a 30-day “pause” for special circumstances. 
If you need this please contact Nicola at: or message us here and she will give you next steps.
Will there be any support or anyone to talk with?
You will join our Private Facebook Group where Larissa is active in the group most days and you have 'Ask me Anything Access'. 

You'll enjoy Support & Collaboration with others just like you. So there is plenty of chances to get questions answered and learn from others in the group so you won't feel alone.
Where will the Masterclasses be held?
Masterclasses will be either LIVE on a webinar or recorded and available for you in the Academy Hub. You'll log into your own secure account to watch the Masterclass or live replays. You can download the activity and any other resources associated. You can take your learning anywhere that suits you, at any time of the day or night (and on your favourite device).

I loved every minute it!


"WOW!!! I have just watched the training videos & I LOVED EVERY MINUTE of it!
There is sooooo much to know, it's exactly what I have been looking to learn." 
1 - Make Up Artist
Belinda Nunn 
Hair By Belle - Australia

Salon Owners Collective is here so you don't feel alone, but do have the support, tools and knowledge when you need it. It’s your place to find business direction, tools, advice, stories and learnings from experts and other salon owners in our industry.

We’re waiting for you!

2016 Salon Owners Collective