You want more freedom, to serve your clients, grow a team, earn more 
while leaving plenty in the tank for you and your loved ones?

If you want to gain some lifestyle back into your business
& grow your empire
Then this Program is for you!
Learn the Keys to Freedom and Profit in your Salon
You've worked yourself into overwhelm and stress - you're doing clients all day long and trying to keep up, working late into the night.

As a result, you're missing out on time with your family, friends and forget getting some time in at the gym or yoga!

You're driven for success and know you're made for greater things. But all your time is spent focusing on your team, customer care & all the admin tasks!

You just don't want to live like this any more - you're feedup! You are just waiting to rock it in business... and you're ready to make a change!

Hi, I'm Larissa Macleman
"I worked my self into overwhelm and stress before my business coach threatened to break both my arms and get out from behind the chair doing clients all day long. 
Who was running my business if I was serving clients?  A fair Question...
As a result, every time I dropped a day working IN by Salon on clients and instead focused ON my business, on my Team and Client Care & Business Growth activities, my business grew and I earned more. 
Then I gained more freedom as a result.

I created the Freedom & Profit Coaching program to help Salon Owners & Industry Brands through Coaching, Courses & Community to do the same! 
After 20 years of owning an award-winning salon, My coaching team and I run courses & Mastermind Coaching.  We help you get out from 'Behind-the-Chair' and fast track growth! 
Your team, clients and family are waiting for you to rock it in business... and we're here to help!" - we can't wait to work with you!
Meet Your Coaches
For Salon Owners who want to Fast Track Growth!
Fast Track Business Success.
You want More Freedom, to Serve yours Clients, Grow a Team, earn more and while leaving Plenty in the Tank for You and Your Loved Ones. 
You can have it all - if you really want it with the
5 Step Program to Freedom and Profit
"I'm seeing a real path to more income and less floor time while growing the business"
The Salon Owners Collective is helping me "Future proof" my salon to reach my success goal of moving to a larger premises with a larger team. I'm seeing a real path to more income and less floor time while growing the business.  Working with Larissa and Sam has been super easy. They both have an incredible amount of experience and knowledge. It feels great to have experts in my corner, to bounce ideas off and learn how the best in business do things. 

Leigh Jackson, ElleJ Hair
Start Your Journey toward Freedom & Profit
A Monthly Program to Fast-Track Salon Business Growth. 
Build a some lifestyle into your business. You can have it all - if you really want it
You’re a salon owner who feels exhausted with all things that are on your to-do list. You’re juggling clients, paying the bills late into the night not to mention the bombardments of your team the minute you walk in the door. You're working hard! 
You have one eye on your laptop while you're at home with the family - Overwhelmed with the to-do list. And you feel guilty when at work for not spending more time with your loved ones - It isn’t what you got into business for!
The Freedom & Profit Program is right for you if want to free yourself from spinning plates, create some space in your life and gain back your sanity.

Areas I support you through coaching & giving you full access to the Collective HUB Resources & Training:

  • Transitioning from doing clients by the hour, to leverage your time and make an impact in your salon.
  •  Freeing yourself up from the stress of owning a business to enjoy life outside of work!
  •  Profitability & Pricing - Your finances should set you free
  •  Branding, Social Media & Promotional Marketing to kick start a proper strategy.
  •  The Employing, leading, training, and managing a Rock Star Team.

Program Delivery:

  • Step by Step Framework and strategies to implement into your business each Month.
  • 2 x Monthly Mastermind Coaching Calls to support your implementation into the salon
  • Full Access to The Salon Owners Collective HUB - All the Resources you'll ever need
  •  Salon Owner Community Support
"The proof is in the results, we surpassed our sales target in the first week."
I'm really working smarter and not harder in my business. I was ready to give up, but looking at it now, you have paved the way, making it clearer and easier for me to grow my business. I've take 2 days a week away from doing to grow my business & the proof is in the results, we surpassed our sales target in the first week. I am so grateful to be working with you.

Mia Browne, Adeva Hair Spa
"I feel more confident growing my business and my team."
Coaching with Larissa has taught me to think out-side-the-box & she has challenged my thinking. I've learned to JFDI and try new things. She follows me up and keeps me on track. I've learned so much using new technology and I am maintaining momentum in my business.

Kate Cox, Bijonei Hair Design

"A Turning Point in My Business."
Thanks, Your support through The Salon Owners Collective has been amazing, the turning point in my business.

Lynette Tait, Cut Above Hair and Beauty - New Zealand
"Just after my first holiday away from my Salon in 18 months and we had our highest sales EVER."

Melinda Smith, Ginger & Spice  - Brisbane
Become An Industry Leader
Develop your product or program and bring it to life. 
Build a business & lifestyle that is fully leveraged. 
You can have anything you want - when youre ready to show up
You have worked hard for the success you have and you feel you have something more to give. You are ready to leverage everything you have learned and share it with the world. 

You’re less tied into the operational side of your business now or ready to sell-up and move into something new
Maybe you’ve already done that and this time you want and are ready to create a ‘leveraged’ life. One with more balance, more freedom and more profit… While giving back to the industry you love so much!
This Leverage the Expert inner circle is for you if you’re ready to create an online courses, coach or provide a service to the hair and beauty industry.

Areas I support you through Coaching & Training:

  • Find your Unique Area of Expertise & design your product offering 
  •  Overcome whats holding you back from gaining huge momentum
  •  Build your Sales & Marketing strategy - sales with ease & no sleaze
  •  Client program delivery to maximise impact & make a difference in the world
  •  You Profitability Model - Your income model should set you free to live the life of your dreams
  • Digital & Social strategies to get noticed and make your mark

Program Delivery:

  • 2 x monthly  Mastermind Coaching Calls to learn, get clarity and action steps.
  • Monthly Private Coaching to Build Strategy
  • Tools and resources ready to use in your own business.
  •  Support from others on the same journey as you

"You understand how an entrepreneur’s brain works"
You can pull apart things, reorganise them and piece them back together again, it’s a real strength of yours. We often know what to do but need help clearing the mess in our brain and you’re great at doing that!"

Kristy McKenzie - Secret Salon Seocity

"I launched a program in only two days, with 12 paid attendees!"
A clear set of steps to take after each session, huge motivation to get it done and launched a program with 12 paid attendees in only two days!
Sommer Louise - Mindset mentor - Melbourne

"The Salon Owners Collective immediately impacted my business!"
"Working with Larissa through The Salon Owners Collective immediately impacted my Social Meida business! The framework we are implementing is absolutely necessary in order for me to get some time back. The service & insights have been amazing"

Hayley Mears - Six Under Ground Media
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